A.H Printer is well known in the field of printing for their wide and complete range of machinery, i.e. Rota, Solna,
Roland (4-Colours), etc. In addition to this, we also have own latest die-cutting and paper cutting machine.
Our highly experienced and skilled machine-men are fully aware of the requirements of the jobs assigned to them.
As far as quality is concerned, we never compromise on it. As most of our clients are exporters, therefore, we
cannot survive in this field if we not come up with their standard of work. This is why our quality printing and timely service is acknowledged and appreciated by our clients. In addition to textile printing, during the last couple of
years, we have also stepped in other fields of printing, e.g. printing of books and stationary items.
As usual, in this new field, we also gained a good name and got numerous assignments of printing of text books.
By the Grace of God Almighty, We will also prove ourselves, Inshallah, as good printers in the printing of books and stationary items.